Donella Storey at Meraki Healing clears emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks that are holding you back. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness and to be free to be the amazing being that you are!

Ready to Elevate with Meraki Healing?

My approach is not cookie cutter or wishy-washy, but powerful, grounded and cuts straight through the bullshit, to identify where you are stuck.

I guide you to reconnect to your intuition and flow, energetically shift the blocks, allowing you to take inspired action and increase your confidence in who you are and how you show up in the world.

You will increase your vibration and frequency to attract beyond your wildest dreams and desires with Donella at Meraki Healing.

Meraki Healing

In Your Life, You May Feel Like

You place everyone else above your happiness and well-being and it has caught up with you. You know that you need to focus on yourself and create the life you want to live, but the guilt is huge and the monkey mind is very loud.

You may have had thoughts like….

 “I’m anxious and feel like I am on high alert all the time, waiting for something bad to happen.”

“My brain feels foggy and I just can’t seem to make any decisions that are right for me.”

“I am worthless, useless, ugly.”

“I don’t feel safe in my own body”

 “Why do I feel so unhappy and frustrated?

 “I’m scared to move forward, scared to succeed, scared to fail. Argh!.”

 “Who am I to want more?”

Dear One You Deserve More! Because You Are More! You Are Amazing!

What if you built your self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, self-love and nervous system so strongly that you know that whatever happens to you or around you, you will be good?

That you have your own back and can trust yourself? When you walk into a room you can shine your light brightly, head held high, shoulders back and be comfortable in that room and rocking being you.

You can feel less reactive and more in your power to respond, embracing your inner calm and being in your centre. Instead of outsourcing your decisions and power to outside influences, you own all your power and are comfortable in the decisions you make.

You will stop taking things personally and see that others’ projections and perceptions are theirs and not for you to own. Rather than looking outside of yourself for validation, your inner knowing and claiming of your worth will make that obsolete.

This is where I come in as a guide, mentor and facilitator. I will help you unlock what is holding you back from stepping into all that you are, facilitating the changes you desire and you get to enjoy flourishing in your evolution.

I meet you where you are, without judgement in a sacred and safe space.

We access what is stored in your subconscious, what you believe about yourself consciously and subconsciously, your nervous system, your wounds and trauma, your past experiences, your mindset and your energy, and balance and transform that energy, so you can be unapologetically you.

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