​You have done all the courses, all the business classes, written what feels like a million affirmations, employed all the business coaches, invested in course after course, read so many self-help books, but you still don’t feel like you have put it all together, you feel stuck, stagnant and frustrated.

You know you deserve more than this!

You may have had thoughts like….

“I’m here again! Why can’t I move forward?”

“I know I’m clever enough and I know my stuff, why is my business just not growing?”

“Why do I feel so unhappy and frustrated?”

“I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels and never getting anywhere”!

The missing pieces are not found within a strategy, but in your energy and alignment within your body. It is stored in your subconscious, what you believe about yourself consciously and subconsciously, your wounds, your past experiences, your mindset and your energy.

I will help you unlock what is holding you back from stepping into all that you are, facilitating the change you desire and you get to enjoy flourishing in your evolution.

I work with courageous and intelligent women and business owners who are self-aware and wanting to evolve their life and business. I guide and mentor you to trust in yourself and your own ability, embracing your power, challenging and transmuting your limiting beliefs to allow your magnetic flow, raising your consciousness and confidence in being you fully and flourishing.

My approach is not cookie cutter or wishy washy, but powerful, grounded and cuts straight through the bullshit, to identify where you are stuck. I guide you to reconnect to your intuition and flow, energetically shift the blocks, allowing you to take inspired action and increase your confidence in who you are and how you show up in the world. You will increase your vibration and frequency to attract your dreams and align you to your goals.

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About Donella





SaveSaveAs I have evolved, so too has my work and my gifts to the world. I offer a unique and powerful experience that encompasses different healing modalities, my knowledge of working with energy, my wisdom and past experiences, my voice, my strong intuition and knowing to help guide your evolution to achieve the life your desire.

I am passionate about seeing women thrive in life and business, embracing and loving who they are, their unique gifts, talents, energy and empowering them to live their life fully, abundantly, boldly and embodying the amazing being that they are.

Because these are the things that I had to learn and embody within myself.

I often felt really different when growing up and had some major illnesses to navigate through in my early life and teenage years. I was often focused on my perceived faults and I thought that I was too much.  Too loud. Too opinionated. Too embarrassing. Too honest. Too emotional. Too sensitive.  Too sick.  Too much of a burden. Too much!

I often compared myself to other people and felt like I could never compete. I was looking for external validation to make sure that I was ok, that I was liked and a good person and yet at the same time I was living life differently, the black sheep so to speak and wanting to pave my own path and do my own thing.  I knew that I needed to have a life of meaning to me, even if nobody else understood it.

After a relationship break up, where I was living in the outback with a man who cheated on me, I decided that I was going to live life on my own terms and not what I thought I “should” be doing or being.   I had been using kinesiology as a tool to aid my healing since my early 20s and when I returned to Melbourne it was truly life saving for me.  I decided to go back to study and learn kinesiology.

Kinesiology was perfect for me. I am curious by nature and kinesiology allowed me to become a subconscious detective, finding the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks that held people back.  I loved it and all the things I learnt about myself. But following the rules and following protocols in minute details when my intuition was telling me to do something else, I knew I had to evolve the way I worked. I started adding many different tools and modalities over the years and embraced and gave myself permission to use my innate knowing and intuition to offer a unique experience to those drawn to me.

I now see that all the things I thought were too much are gifts and make me the magnificent women that I am.

There is no competition, when you are showing up as you fully. The world needs more people showing up, embodied and owning and loving who they are and shining their light brightly into the world.

I am deeply committed to your evolution, success and thriving in life and business, to embrace your uniqueness and to be free to be the amazing being that you are.

Working with me

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I evolve – Body

This package is to help your physical body evolve and embody calm.

This is the starting point.

This is having strong foundations to help move through life and thrive. 

I liken it to gardening. You know certain plants and weeds are not helping your garden thrive.  Together we clear those things that are blocking you from thriving, with no judgement or attachment, so you can start to cultivate what you want to keep and what you want to grow.

This is for new clients who are wanting to evolve their life, find their calm, increase their frequency and embody their unique energy code to flourish in life and business.

This is perfect for you if you are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm and stress and are reactive to your external environment.  This helps you find your centre and calm.

What we will work on?

We address your nervous system and physical body. This includes resetting your nervous system, releasing trauma from your stress or relaxation response, address any hydration and electrolytes issues in the body,  any physical pain, stressors and aligning you to thrive in your body. By resetting the nervous system, this takes you out of the flight/fight/freeze response, which makes you less reactive and more responsive to your external environment, placing the power back into your own hands.

What does it include?

This package includes three 1:1 sessions in person at my clinic over a 6 week period, with access via email in between sessions if any problems or issues that may arise or questions that you have.

What is my investment?

I Evolve – Body is $420

Payment plans  and pay as you go are available and costs $150 per session. 

It is time to step into your power and evolve in your life and business.

Add on single sessions are available after your initial package.

Click on the Book now Button or here to book online or alternatively, please call me on 0421 559 460 or email info@merakihealing.com.au to make your booking.

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