Be your own Guru

Photo by Pablo Guerrero on Unsplash

I am passionate about empowering not only myself but also those around me. I love when people believe in themselves and see how amazing they are. For so long, so many of us have felt powerless and without choice, looking externally for validation and approval.  I know for a long time, I felt like a victim of my life, without any choice or power in how it went. I was constantly looking outside of myself, listening to other people’s advice about my life, searching for answers from tarot readers or oracles, looking for someone to say to me all my dreams will come true. I never even thought to tune inwards for answers. Even if my intuition was giving me messages, I didn’t follow it. I was really sick as a kid, so for a long time I felt I couldn’t trust my body or my innate wisdom, but really I was too scared of my own power. Could I really trust myself to make good decisions for myself? What if all my dreams did come true?  We aren’t taught to tune into our own wisdom and to follow and use our intuition. In fact being busy is valued, so how can we tune in when we don’t even allow ourselves to stop?  So many are looking externally for a guru to pave the way, to give us the answers, to make life go smoothly.  But this external looking and identifying places our power firmly in someone else’s hands and strips away life experiences that will give us so much wisdom.  I for a long time put other people’s opinions higher than my own, essentially putting these people on pedestals, because from my perception, they had their shit together and I certainly did not. I was blindly trusting people and making my decisions based on this trust. Their life looks like how I should be living mine, so they must know better than me right? My intuition was screaming at me, my body was showing me my decisions were not healthy for me (hello anxiety and panic attacks), but I believed that other people knew best. One too many of these moments and big mistakes (which I thankfully learnt from) and I had to take stock and acknowledge that my power was truly better used in my own hands. I had to get comfortable with doing things differently to everyone else.

I was told a story years ago, about a lady (I will call her Beth) whose family was well off, but Beth was not working at the moment and was struggling with self-confidence, relying on her families money and had really low self-worth.  She decided she needed help, so started working with a few different practitioners and healing modalities.  She was doing well and applied for jobs and had an interview that went really well. So well that she got the job. How exciting for her! You would also expect the people who she worked with would be excited for her too? Nope. One of the practitioner’s started to manipulate Beth. She told Beth that the only reason why she got her job was because she created it for her. It had nothing to do with how Beth interviewed or all the work she had done on herself to be able to interview so well. It was all the practitioners doing.  This practitioner then said she should stop seeing all other practitioners and come to see her solely and more often, after all she got Beth a job, so she could also manifest everything else Beth wanted. The message was that essentially Beth could not live without this practitioner.  Beth was still not 100% sure of herself, so she believed this practitioner and did what she said, even though she knew that it was not the right thing to do.  Her intuition and gut was saying this wasn’t right, but she was too scared to trust her instinct because what if it the practitioners claims where true. Not a very empowering place to be.

This is where your own inner wisdom and discernment needs to come into play.  If a practitioner, or anyone for that matter, implies that you cannot do life without them, then run. If your intuition is giving you messages, you need to honour it even if it sometimes doesn’t make sense at the time. If you are not sure, listen to your body. Start to get curious as to what your body is telling you. Learn the differences between your fear and excitement of something new.  If you know that you need help in your life, then seek help. There is so many amazing practitioners and people who can help without taking away your power. Stop looking for the magic pill, quick fixes or wanting others to do the work for you.  There is no quick fix in life and often small changes will have huge impact. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  At the moment there is great change occurring on the planet, so people will be tipping into fear and using that response for their own gain. Use your discernment.  You have so much more powerful then you have every believed and it is time to step into that power and embrace the awesome human being that you are. Everything you need is inside of you. It is time to tune in. You are your own guru and you truly are magnificent.

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