Energy Update 07 08 2018

Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

The energies for the last week or more have been pretty intense. I have been in hibernation mode and needing to step away from pretty much everything. There is so much happening up in the skies with so many planets in retrograde, so it can feel that we are replaying stuff that we thought we had moved on from. We are also heading into the Lion’s gate on 8th of the 8th, as well as a super new moon and partial solar eclipse.  Massive energies! Things from our past are coming up again. This does not mean you have gone backwards or regressed.  We evolve in a spiral so what is coming up is at a deeper and profound level to help you to level up, to heal deeper and step more into your power.  At the same time mother earth is also shifting with lots of volcanic activities and earth quakes. This force is also shifting us. There is lots of anger that is being released at a cellular level (hello pimples, rashes etc).  Many are feeling disconnected from themselves and the world around them.  I have had many clients who have been disconnected from source and feeling numb. We all need to take care, especially when driving, as many are not present. Everyone, whether you are spiritual, healing, into complimentary therapies or personal development or are unaware are being squeezed  and forced to shift, hence why many are not present. There is a perception of it being too painful to be fully in their bodies and being human with our human emotions. But to help this process and to flow with these shifts, it is better to be present and to feel.  We are being asked to go within and to allow ourselves deeper cess to our personal wisdom than ever before.  The material world is just not cutting it for many, as they want a life with greater meaning. Once we acknowledge what we are feeling, it will often shift a lot quicker. There is a lot of stuff coming up around self-worth and our inner child, in particular what we have constructed or put together from our childhoods. Our beliefs and patterns are breaking down as they no longer fit. This can lead to many questions about our life, relationships breaking down and a feeling of being lost and not knowing the next step to take. Plenty of kindness and self-care is required. It is time to address your issues rather than putting your head deeper into the sand. Many are experiencing body aches and pains, anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia and sleeping issues, sluggish digestion, erratic moods and headaches. Our chakra’s or energy centres in our bodies are being activated which can be uncomfortable. Get outside as much as you can. Ground your energy. Journal whatever comes up for added insights and wisdom and help shift the energy. Drink plenty of water and eat wholefoods and you may need to supplement with Vit D, C, magnesium etc. .Be kind to yourself and those around you. Your boundaries my need to be addressed or put into place. It is the perfect time to have some healing work, body work like massage and energy healing. You can resist what is happening or you can let go and go with the flow. It is up to you. You truly are magnificent.

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