Your worth is not found in the number you look at when you stand on the scales. Your worth does not increase when that number decreases, nor does it decrease if the number increases.

Your worth is not found in diminishing yourself and your uniqueness, your quirks, your differences, your intelligence or your personality.

You worth is not found in how young you look, how much you defy ageing, how beautiful or attractive you are. Don’t even get me started on the 10 year ageing challenge and how hard of you aged!  What the actual fuck!

Your worth is not found in fillers and botox.

Your worth is not found in your physical appearance at all. Your body is a vessel that homes you in this reality.  Your body gives you the opportunity to live your life joyously, courageously, filled with adventures, pleasure, laughter and experiences and gaining wisdom along the way that is uniquely yours.

Your worth is not found in the opinions or judgements of others. Even the people who love you, will get it wrong sometimes.

Your worth is not found in the shitty things that may have happened to you, your relationships or lack of, your family nor your childhood.

The fact you are alive right now, at this time, means you are worthy. No one is more or less deserving or worthy. How minds like to trick us into thinking that other people are more worthy, more attractive, smarter, but it is bullshit. You may not fit into what society deems to be acceptable (I know I don’t) but that doesn’t mean you are not gloriously worthy.

Most people I see, in some way has self-worth issues and it breaks my heart, as these people are incredible and amazingly unique beings, who have forgotten their own power, forgotten to love themselves and be who they truly are.

The time is right to claim your worthiness, even if you don’t feel it yet.  It is time to expect better in your life and no longer tolerate what doesn’t resonate with you.  It is time to change your thinking and inner voice that says you are not enough. That voice is full of shit and a liar.  You do not have to listen, nor believe that voice.

You are incredible. Exactly as you are.

You are amazing. Exactly as you are.

You are unique. Exactly as you are.

You are fucking worthy. Exactly as you are.

Time for you to claim it and allow yourself to shine.

You truly are magnificent.

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