Word of the Year – RECLAIM

I had been searching for my word of the year but nothing really felt quite right.  There was a lot of words that I thought I “should” have, but nothing really resonated.  I knew it would come to me though, so I let it go.  Then I was reading a book and it mentioned reclaiming what is ours as women. I burst into tears.  I had found my word.

This year is about reclaiming the things that I have denied myself out of fear, fear of others judgements, fear of not being good enough or parts I have disowned out of fear.

I am reclaiming my power, my worth and my choices and the way I choose to express myself.

I am reclaiming my self-love and my right to receive abundance and love.

I am reclaiming my shadow and the things that I have been ashamed of, fearful because I have been told I am too much or not enough. I reclaim my courage to go into my shadow and love what I find to bring it into the light.

I am reclaiming my beauty, not what society dictates is acceptable but what I choose it to be. I am unique and different and I love that!

I am reclaiming the labels that have made me uncomfortable, like healer, witch, oracle, energy worker and the best Aunty in the world (ok the last one I am pretty good with.).

I am reclaiming the magnificent being that I am underneath the programing that may say otherwise, the women I am meant to be, was born to be, so I can help others find their way back and acknowledge the magnificent being they are.

I am reclaiming my truth and the way I want to live in this world, disregarding the opinions of others if they disagree, being strong enough to have healthy boundaries, saying No and doing shit the way I want to.

I am reclaiming my intuition, my truth and my inner guidance, because I have learnt that ignoring that is a disaster.

I am reclaiming my dreams and what I want in the future.

I am reclaiming my trust in myself, my subconscious and the universe to provide me beyond the limits I have placed on myself.

I am reclaiming my commitment to me and bringing the greatest expression of myself to the world, shining as brightly as I can. 

I love how my word has been playing out so far this year.  Do you have a word of the year?  I would love to know what it is, so put it down below.

You truly are magnificent.

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