If your child experiences anxiety, it can have an effect on you and your relationship with you partner and the family unit. It can be really stressful for everyone!

One thing that I have noticed that couples who navigate this well are good communicators (there is other things, but we will stick to this one for the moment). Communication, both as a couple and with your child is really important.

Feeling heard helps. 

It sounds obvious, but often couples are stressed out with life and trying to parent an anxious child that they forget to communicate and connect to each other.

Lack of communication often leads to anger and resentment, especially if you are not on the same page as to how you are both managing your child’s behaviours. I suggest you spend some time together, the two of you and talk it out.  Speak to each other about your fears, your challenges, your needs, your kids’ needs and strategies you would like to use.

Put a plan together and stick to it.

Listen to each other.

Don’t be defensive, but open yourself to exploring what is best for you, your partner and your child.  Start getting curious about the stressors that trigger anxiety in your child. Your partner may have noticed something that you haven’t. Working as a team will also help your child to feel safe.

If they are getting the same responses by both parents, this can ease anxiety in some cases. Don’t forget to ask your child what they are feeling too, even better if it is the both of you.  The more open and honest you can be with each other, the safer everyone will feel. 

If you are a single parent or in a situation that this approach isn’t possible, then reach out to another parent, grandparent or friend and chat it out. They may have noticed something that you haven’t.  Support, connection and communication is important for everyone involved.

Never forget, you truly are magnificent.

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