What if it was easy?

I often hear people say how hard things are in clinic and I have often thought these words myself. We have a fantastic way of over complicating things and making stuff hard for ourselves, so much harder than it needs to be.

Life is hard.

Change is hard.

Changing beliefs is hard.

Everything is hard.

Our EGO’s have made up this fantastic story to make everything hard. We may have a belief from our parents that to be a good person you have to work hard. We often stop what we are doing, remaining safe and stagnant but bloody miserable because it is too hard. Sometimes we won’t even attempt something new or make changes that we actually know is good for us because it is too hard. It allows us to be victims, an excuse to stop or needing to slog it out to make it valuable. The too hard energy is a victim energy were we push our power away from us.

I had had enough of making things harder for myself, so I started using a new mantra. It is also something that I often ask my clients when they start to get into the too hard energy, and may of them now use this themselves.

What if it was easy?

When I start to slip into it is too hard, I have learnt to ask myself,

What if this was easy?

What would I be doing differently? How could I make it easier? Is fear getting in the way from making it easy? Do I need to accept where I currently am or what I am feeling?

By asking a questions like this we use a different part of our brain, which switches us from survival mode to creation mode. The brain will accept and create an easier solution that may come from within our inner wisdom not attached to ego, our intuition or from the universe. We also step out of that victim energy and bring back out power to ourselves.

So next time it all feels too hard, ask yourself what if this was easy? allow the answers and follow what you get. You make be amazed at how much easier life can be.

You truly are magnificent.

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