Lessons learnt in Kmart

My intuition was screaming at me today to go to my local Kmart. I didn’t need anything urgently and to be honest I really could not be bothered either but the feeling would not go away. So I took myself up there, thinking it was a little odd, but going and honouring my inner wisdom and intuition.

I wandered around and had a look at a few things. I did buy a new pot plant holder that was perfect to repot my fern and a book (another book to add to the 15 books in my, to read pile!) and got myself some yummy lunch, which was great, but not equal to the internal pull of having to go there.

Then the aha moments started to happen. I realised quite a few things in that time wandering around. I have often thought that I was kind of invisible, or wishing that I was because I didn’t really fit into what I thought was societies ideal of being worthy or attractive.

I have been challenging this belief for some time. It may have been what I thought of myself, but it was not true, in fact it was bullshit.

I saw that today.

I felt that today.

I felt magnetic. I felt expansive. I felt alive in my body. People were looking at me, smiling, connecting.

I felt good being me.

I allowed myself to feel that connection to others. Being sensitive to energy and an empath, this can often be overwhelming, so I tend to switch off a bit when out. Not today. It didn’t feel overwhelming.

It felt good.

I also realised that I often don’t listen to my intuition because my logical mind doesn’t always get it, so I wouldn’t listen. To my detriment.

Not today.

Today I listened, honoured and followed.

Nothing extraordinary happened. It didn’t make sense.

But it felt good.

And that is the point.

I don’t need to understand why, I just have to follow where my guidance tells me, without judgement, because it does feel good.

We often have a tit for tat mentality, that if I do this, then I should get that, or I will only do this, if I get that. I’ll surrender or listen or follow only under these conditions.

But that isn’t how surrendering and intuition works. That isn’t how the abundant flow of the universe works.

It is the trust that whatever happens will be for my highest good, however that looks. It is knowing that the universe has my back 100%. It is honouring my inner guidance and commitment to myself. I trust myself now. Because I am bloody magnificent and worthy of more than I have been allowing for myself!

I know that even though today wasn’t perhaps what I expected, I know that if I continue to follow and be open to receive, I will be lead to extraordinary.

Never forget, you truly are magnificent.

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