I am not doing enough!

I’m not doing enough.

I hear this often from clients and friends. I too have fallen into the not doing enough trap.

People refuse to take breaks or have down time during the day and instead are always on the go. People have to pushing and forcing stuff to happen in their life. Life has become something we must be doing and achieving and being productive all the time, busyness is something to brag about, something that is held in high regard, something that means we are a contributing and a valuable member of society. This doesn’t mean that we are being busy efficiently and get heaps done either. How much time do we waste with mundane and usually worthless activities? The more we do the better we are, right?

This need to always be busy comes from a state of fear and judgement.

There is many fears involved here. Fear of lack and not having enough, fear of judgment (what if someone thinks I am lazy!), fear of being out of control or not in control, lack of trust in the universe and those around us, fear of being still and quiet (what will I find out about myself or how will I feel in the silence?), fear of being weak and of course not doing enough.

All of this is hiding the underlying fear.

That fear?

I am not enough.

I have to do something to be worthy and deserving. The more I do the better I feel about myself.  That I have value.  That I am important. If I’m not busy then what?

I am not enough.

No amount of doing and forcing and being busy will address the underlying feeling of not enough. Busyness for the sake of busy is a time waster. It is a band aide fix on an arterial bleed. It is looking for validation outside of yourself, hoping someone will notice that your busyness makes you are a good person.

Your worth is not found there.

You being enough is an inside job.

You find it within yourself.

Because it has ALWAYS been there.


You always have been.

You always will be.

You truly are magnificent.

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