You are home.

You are more than you have ever been allowed to believe. 

You are more than your body, the bits you hate. 

You are more than the roles you play, the job you do, the money you have or don’t have. 

You are light and dark and weird and wonderful.

You are unique.

So unique that there is nobody else like you on this planet, the universe, the multiverse, or beyond time and space.

It is time to stop being beige and blending in to the background, no longer able to be seen. 

It is time for you to be colourful and full of life and seen in all your magnificent glory. 

It is time for your unique energy and light be fully in this world. 

Only you can be YOU, so start living and embodying YOU fully. 

Stop being afraid of your power.

You are powerful.

Stop being afraid that you are too much or not enough.

You are perfectly you.  

Stop being afraid that no one will love you.

You are love.  

Stop believing that there is something wrong with you.

Those experiences make you YOU, make you human.

Stop trying to conform and do what is expected, it only makes you boring.

Start being the magnificent being that you are, that you choose to be in this lifetime.  

Start to love and accept yourself.

Start to embrace who you are.

Start to love fiercely and bravely. 

Do what lights you up. 

Do what you love. 

Be the person you so dearly want in your life, the one you have been searching for. 

Connect to your inner wisdom, your power, your infinite being.

Embrace all of your amazing body.

It allows you to experience so much.  

Embrace the magnificent being that you are.

It is time magnificent one.

You are the one you have been waiting for. 

You are home dear one. 

You are home. 

You truly are magnificent.

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