I’m sorry I never thanked you earlier but I wanted to extend a very warm thank you to all the Meraki healing sessions you did with me last year. I took your advice and removed the negativity from my life (aka dragon ex-gf haha) and life has never been better! Promoted at work, achieved a goal and bought a new house and a new car and have found genuine love since. Thank you again for your genuine care and support!

Robert Pars

For many years I had been in a personal tug of war which manifested into constant frustration and anger. It was only a few certain topics but Boom. Those topics were like raging heat in my heart. It’s like I have been on a merry go round wanting to get off but every time I tried, somehow the anger and frustration would surface. Knowing in myself these emotions couldn’t go on, I was pushing my dearest, most loved ones away, but the frustration and anger kept surfacing. Donella was so wonderful with her one on one Kinesiology Sessions and had suggested to do a distant session. I was a bit intrigued of how this distant healing would work considering how this issue was constantly big and somehow controlling my life, but decided to give it a go. During our conversation Donella really brought a few things to light, some of the questions she asked challenged me and I found hard to answer. Donella was very compassionate. She got me seeing the situation in a different light. About 40 minutes after our conversation I notice my shoulders weren’t sitting up as high.  About 20 minutes after that the phone rang. Normally the same conversation on the telephone would have made me mad but my husband was amazed I took it with a grain of salt. I must say the conversations Donella and I had, did come to light on the phone. Ever since then I have not had a single tear. I have not yelled and when I get a little frustrated, I walk away. Sometimes I have amazed myself.I still have a little bit of homework to do and a follow up session, but  I feel I have my life back and I couldn’t be more thankful to Donella.

Cherrylee Collins-O’Grady

What a lovely experience it was to meet Donella and have her work her magic on me. Such a down to earth and loving aporoach to helping and healing. I came out of my very first session feeling immediately more relaxed and intune with my body. Can not wait for my next session. Thank you Donella xxx –

Clara (From Facebook) 

As a participant at you first gathering………WOW!!!!

So f*&%ing powerful, awesome, mind shifting, transformational and a gazillion other things!

Reserve me a seat for the next session, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Love your work Donella xoxo

Bambi (on Facebook)

Donella is an extremely capable, compassionate and insightful practitioner who has a great gift for helping you find the heart of the issue.  She is supportive as she helps you clear deep seated emotions and traumas so you can move forward.  I recommend her highly to anyone ready to move through challenges of any kind in their life, or just looking to find some balance.

Courtney Cheah