Quit the comparing game

So many are constantly comparing themselves to others in their social group, family, people on social media, the mother’s at school, people in the same industry or business, or all of the above and more. This comparing is not helpful … Continue reading “Quit the comparing game”


A C C E P T A N C E So many people are suffering and in pain due to their resistance to where they are at or what they are feeling. Before we can fully more forward, we have … Continue reading “Acceptance”

Energy Update 07 08 2018

The energies for the last week or more have been pretty intense. I have been in hibernation mode and needing to step away from pretty much everything. There is so much happening up in the skies with so many planets … Continue reading “Energy Update 07 08 2018”

Be your own Guru

I am passionate about empowering not only myself but also those around me. I love when people believe in themselves and see how amazing they are. For so long, so many of us have felt powerless and without choice, looking … Continue reading “Be your own Guru”