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Intentions and Meditation Monthly Gathering

My intention is to create a safe place for unique beings to gather, connect, and transform within the power of a group and empower you to live life on your terms.  

The first Monday each month, I am creating space for you to set your intentions, participate in a guided meditate, reclaim your energy so you are energised and ready to take on the month ahead. This is about helping you connect within and claim your power and sovereignty.  This type of gathering is really powerful, as we tap into the conscious energy of the group and the universe and work together as a group for everyone’s benefit.

There will be different themes each month, as I will tune into the consciousness of the group and connect to what the group needs but will include  

  • Healing techniques and tools
  • Journaling and brain dump
  • Balancing our energies
  • Releasing the month previously
  • Guided meditations – these will be meeting aspects of yourself, balancing feminine and masculine energies, balancing chakras, working with our shadow, etc
  • Setting intentions for the month
  • Beaming our dreams and intentions out into the universe
  • Connecting to the abundant universe and anchoring in our desires.
  • A safe place to share, connect, laugh and be.

Here is what was said about my first gathering

As a participant at you first gathering………WOW!!!!
So f*&%ing powerful, awesome, mind shifting, transformational and a gazillion other things!
Reserve me a seat for the next session, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.
Love your work Donella xoxo

Starting at 7:30pm to 9pm at Meraki Healing.

Cost is $25.  Please bring your own journal or notebook

Places are limited, so please contact Donella to confirm your place.  Email or phone on 0421 559 460

I have a range of Events and workshops that i facilitate.

If you are interested in me facilitating a workshop for you and a group of friends or wish to enquire about upcoming dates for any of the workshops listed please contact Donella
Email –
Text –  0421 559 460