I can feel the newness, feel the next level of creation.

But how do I get there?  What do I need to do?

Then the crazy circle of thoughts and getting stuck in my egoic,, mean girl thinking.

My Ego was stressing out, as it didn’t know what to do.

My Ego hates that. I bet yours does too.

Reassuring that part of me, that I am loved and supported. I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Allowing myself to feel that newness, to allow myself to dream how I want my life to be, how I want to feel.

Pulling away from what is no longer aligned. Letting people, beliefs, patterns, pain and drama fall away, because I choose to no longer abandon myself and my desires.

To surrender to not knowing what that looks like, of what to do about it.

Planting the seeds of creation and what wants to manifest. 

Being quiet. Being still.

To listen to the desires of my heart.

Integrating what needs to integrate. 

Welcoming and inviting the light back into my life.

Bringing my light into the world.

Choosing joy over obligation and doing what others say I should be doing.

Choosing Love.

Allowing Love.

Receiving Love.

Are you hearing the call to reconnect at a much deeper authentic level within yourself? 

To shine your light, in all your magnificence.

Opening your heart more and more.

We are rising to higher states of consciousness, as individuals, which is influencing the collective.

Embodied. Powerful. Courageous. Loving.

Be brave and journey into your shadow, your deepest truths, of death, rebirth and renewal.

If you are feeling grief or mourning unrealised dreams or closed timelines, feel fatigued and lost, this is the shedding of the old stories that have been holding you back.

If you need support through this, please book a session.

It is time to evolve.

You truly are magnificent.

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