Authenticity and Integrity are big themes at the moment and will be for the rest of the year.

We are being guided to address the ways that we dismiss ourselves, to start looking at our authenticity and where we are hiding from our fears.

The importance of those around us being their authentic selves is also big. They are showing you who they are, what they value and what is important to them through their actions. People can no longer hide who and what they are out of fear of what others will think or judge, as it just feels off. We are starting to feel when people are not being true to themselves.

People are feeling when you are not being true to yourself too.

We are being asked to have courage and be brave, to express and be our amazingly unique selves, rather than hiding, or being chameleons out of fear.  It is time to start looking at our fears as to why we hide who we are, as they are holding us back.

Are our fears true? How do we know they are true?

Is the way we are responding or reacting to life coming from fear, shame or guilt?

Where are you withholding loving acceptance of yourself?

We often don’t want to acknowledge our perceived failings, not accept our current circumstances out of shame, guilt or judgement (from ourselves or from others) which all comes from place of fear.

Hello Ego!

It is time to face what you have been hiding from.

Hello integrity

This may be your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, your financial responsibilities or lack of, your career, your dreams and goals, your relationships, your decisions or where you are being down right stubborn. or the fears you hold of how others will judge you.

When we are hiding from this fear and not willing to face it, we often step out of integrity and do and say things out of fear of being found out.

We do anything to not feel that discomfort.

But that thing is actually running your life.

That thing is the frequency which you are operating from.

That thing is the energy you are putting out into the world.

This is usually unconsciously, but that it the energy you are emitting.

The funny thing is that when we are courageous, own and accept where we are, feel those feelings and take responsibility we are no longer in resistance, we step into awareness and we can then start to make great changes.

Our pain levels decrease and our sense of freedom increases.

We can see and make choices and take action from a less fearful and empowered place.

We step into being more of our glorious authentic selves, no longer needing validation from an external source and feeling true joy and peace within

When we own the parts that we are ashamed of we can be free as they no longer drive us, can no longer be used against us, we no longer can be manipulated.

So what have you been reluctant to address in your life?

Where do you need to find your courage and start to address this?

What to you need to be aware of in your mindset, your thoughts and your patterns?

What conversations do you need to have?

What do you need to accept?

We are being asked to be more of who we truly are.

If you need help in facing those things that are holding you back from being in your integrity, please know that there is help. Addressing your wounds, your fears, your trauma, emotions that have been held in your body, knowing how your ego works and balancing your limiting beliefs that you have been programmed into you from childhood can help you step into courage, into your power and into your integrity and authenticity.

You being in your integrity and authenticity increases your frequency.

The world needs you to be you, fully and unapologetically to elevate and evolve.

You are amazing.

Need help to address this with someone who will not judge you and wants you thriving in life? Kinesiology and Root Cause Therapy are powerful ways of helping you be in your integrity and addressing the fears holding you back. Book online now.

Integrity and authenticity are powerful

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