About Donella

It is such an honour to witness new levels of being, power and creation in my clients.

I am here to hold the space for you to connect to the part that knows what you need, to empower you to help you heal and love the parts that you have hidden from yourself and the world.

I am here to hold space for you with unconditional love and non-judgement. 

This is a sacred relationship that requires mutual respect, trust, alignment and commitment to your growth, healing and connection to your own being and personal power.

I am your cheer squad when you forget how fantastic you are and need reminding how worthy and deserving you are.

I call bullshit for you when you are selling yourself short, or believing the crappy stories you have in your head about yourself.

I am here to show you that your opinion of yourself is more important than anyone else’s opinions.  

I am here to help you gain wisdom from your experiences and from seeing something from a different point of view.

I am here to guide you into your shadow when you are too scared to go alone, because that is where the gold is.

I am here to show you how much love and light you are when you are afraid to be who you are.

I am here to remind you of who you truly are, not the version you think other people want you to be.

I am here to support you accessing your gifts, skills and wisdom so you can shine brightly in this world.

I am here to work with you to improve your quality of life on all levels, to help you face your fears, to move beyond the excuses and stories you tell yourself that stop you in your tracks.

I am deeply committed to your evolution and success in this lifetime, to learn to love the person you are, and who you choose to be, to embrace your uniqueness and to be free to be the amazing being that you are.

I want to see you thrive. 

I am here to remind you of your magnificence.

Hello and welcome to Meraki Healing. My name is Donella Storey.






I am passionate about people embracing who they are, their unique gifts, talents and empowering them to live the life that they deserve and they choose. I want you to have a better quality of life and wellbeing then what you currently have. I want you to be able to find your centre quickly, so no matter what is going on around you, you are solid in who you are.

I love energy, quantum physics, magic, universal laws, light and dark and intuition. 

I love seeing people shift and transform right in front of my eyes. 

I love those aha moments that lights a person up.

I love challenging crappy beliefs and patterns, because a change in perception can be transformational.

I love to see the relief that people express when they reconnect to who they truly are, when they shift out of a place of conformity, limitation and fear, to one of expansion, acceptance and love.

I love expanding consciousness, both my own and my clients.

I love helping people increase their self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love. 

I love reconnecting people to their truth and wisdom because you are the expert in your life.

I am a truth sayer, a voice of truth. I use my voice and words to shift you, to shift energy, to challenge you, to change your perceptions, to create space for you, for you to reconnect to your magnificence, to celebrate you.

I will ask the tough questions. I will also give you space to find your answers, as everything you need is within.  

I will support you with unconditional love. 

I will believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.  Because I see the magnificent being underneath the illusions, the fear, the programming and crap.

I see you and you are amazing!

As I have evolved, as has my work.  I offer a unique and powerful experience that encompasses all the different modalities I am qualified and learnt over the years. My approach is not cookie cutter or wishy washy, but powerful, grounded and always with love, to help you reconnect to your inner guru and true self.  

If you want to cut through your bullshit and the illusions of your stories, then I am the practitioner for you.

If you are ready to take responsibility and make changes in your life, then I am the practitioner for you.

The space I hold for you is a judgment free space of unconditional love because the safer you feel the quicker you heal. I am not here to judge you (you are doing enough of that yourself!).  I am here to support you and help facilitate the changes you desire.

I have received awesome feedback from clients who have transformed their lives and that is why I do what I do. I love my job and the work I do in this world.

Ready for some changes?

It is time to remember.

You truly are magnificent.