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I evolve – Body

This package is to help your physical body evolve and embody calm.

This is the starting point.

This is having strong foundations to help move through life and thrive. 

I liken it to gardening. You know certain plants and weeds are not helping your garden thrive.  Together we clear those things that are blocking you from thriving, with no judgement or attachment, so you can start to cultivate what you want to keep and what you want to grow.

This is for new clients who are wanting to evolve their life, find their calm, increase their frequency and embody their unique energy code to flourish in life and business.

This is perfect for you if you are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm and stress and are reactive to your external environment.  This helps you find your centre and calm.

What we will work on?

We address your nervous system and physical body. This includes resetting your nervous system, releasing trauma from your stress or relaxation response, address any hydration and electrolytes issues in the body,  any physical pain, stressors and aligning you to thrive in your body. By resetting the nervous system, this takes you out of the flight/fight/freeze response, which makes you less reactive and more responsive to your external environment, placing the power back into your own hands.

What does it include?

This package includes three 1:1 sessions in person at my clinic over a 6 week period, with access via email in between sessions if any problems or issues that may arise or questions that you have.

What is my investment?

I Evolve – Body is $449

Payment plans are available. 

It is time to step into your power and evolve in your life and business.

Add on single sessions are available after your initial package.

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