I have sat in this spot a lot over the last 12 months.

What joy and perspective sitting in the sun looking up has given me.

I have bonded with my community on this step.

The waves, hello and the offer of a familiar face and smile, from people walking by, an anchor for the times that do not make sense.

Especially now, when there is such a huge divide and people have seemed to have lost their humanity.

Where differences have caused huge splits and respect for another has been replaced with fear, disdain, shame and threats of being cast out of the tribe.

The art of critical thinking lost to the programing of the 6 o’clock news and the TV shows that normalise treating each other like shit.

Our intuition taking a back seat to fear, coercion, threats and the manipulation of information.

They don’t want you in your power.

Asking questions.

Tuning in for what’s right for you.

Taking the road away from the pack, being OK with the perception of being alone.

Following your inner guide, your own moral compass.

They don’t want you to seek validation from within, to be your own best friend, guru, healer and sage.

They don’t want you aware and awake to what they have been doing and getting away with for too long.

They don’t want you to have compassion for you fellow human being.

Is history really repeating? Have we not learnt?

On this step I can see why the things that have happened in my life have been a practice and an initiation for this time.

From this step, I have loved who I am and what I stand for even more.

From this step, I have seen that nothing remains the same.

This too shall pass.

From this step new offerings for what I do is being birthed because I love the human race.

More so now than ever.

A women in her power is glorious.

A man in his power is majestic.

I have not given up.

I refuse to play the divide and segregation game.

I chose an open heart.

I choose radiance.

I choose abundance.

I choose acceptance.

I choose compassion.

I choose empowerment.

I choose unity.

I choose honesty.

I choose truth.

I choose love.

I love you.

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