Your shadow is your dark side, your unconscious and subconscious, the part of you that you place your pain, your trauma, your discomfort, your drama, your fears, your shame, your programing, your victimhood and the things that your Ego will use against you.

Many people are afraid of the dark, afraid of shadows, so use a false sense of positivity to make sure that they do not tip into their own shadow.

We often treat ourselves harshly in our shadow aspects. We say horrible things to ourselves. We weaponise our shadow and use it against ourselves.

Most of the time we are creating and operating from our shadow, unconsciously. When we are unconscious to our own shadow, we become easily manipulated from outside sources. If we are not aware of what is going on here, we become overly reactive.

The shadow is a scary place.

What if we have this all wrong?

What if we recognise that is where our power lies and we can use it consciously?

What if accepting and integrating our shadow, we get to expand on all levels of our being?

What if instead of fearing this part of us, we instead get curious and appreciate it for what it is?

What if we used this part of us for ourselves, rather than against ourselves?

This part of us, has kept us safe, as we put all the things there that caused us pain. We put in our trauma and emotions, the things we are ashamed of or that are uncomfortable and we couldn’t deal or process them in that moment.  This is why shadow work is so important, as those wounds are what we are reacting too in the world.

People often think that doing this inner shadow work is as painful as the experience that caused the shadow. 

I can say from experience this is not true.

This is fear trying to keep you safe and stagnant. Miserable, depressed, anxious, stuck in your own crap, but safe. It is the unconscious driver in your life. Is it time that you took the driver’s seat?

When we do the inner work, like challenging our fears, negative patterns and beliefs, feeling our emotions, and accepting our past, we feel freer and more at peace within. When we address the things that hold us back and keeps us small, we make different choices through our awareness,  so our world opens up to us.  We are shown and accept our power which naturally brings us back into balance and alignment.

We increase our awareness.

We increase our consciousness.

We increase our confidence and self-worth.

We increase our trust within ourselves and the universe.

We increase our intuition, wisdom and our inner connection and discernment.

We increase love in our lives.

Our foundation becomes so strong, that we choose ourselves in each moment.

Your life after all is about you.

This work has such amazing opportunities for learning and growth, for wisdom, evolution, transformation and alchemy.

The more you bring your dark into the light, the more flow you will have, and the more light you spread into the world.

By going within, being willing to face your fears, accept and thank them, and transmute the dark into light, we bring the love and expand our consciousness.

Going within, reclaims and connects you to all that is with love and unity. The more you bring your dark into the light, your fear into love, the more light you spread into the world.

This is how we change the world.

This is how powerful you are.

You are the unique expression that is needed right now.

You, in alignment with you.

You truly are magnificent.

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