Sitting in the pause. The Void. The nothing.

Yet the potential of all that is, is bubbling away.

Ready to be claimed. Ready to be received. Ready to be played with, created from, sent to.

Yet I still sit.

The falling away of all not aligned.

The fear that comes from the falling. Trying to grab hold of something, anything known. Safe. Secure.

Yet knowing that it all needs to go.

So I choose to fall too.

Taking it personally, because this life is mine, so it is personal.

Isn’t it?

I’m being punished!

For what? I don’t know.

Still in the void.

Slowly feeling all the things. Seeing, feeling, knowing that if feels personal because I made it so, made it into a punishment because I believed that I didn’t deserve, wasn’t worthy.

I was doing all the things. Ticking the boxes.

See! I thought I was a good person.

Maybe not?

Then the realisation.

The heart opening.

The softening.

I am divinely loved, divinely held, divinely supported.

Can I admit that I’m not being punished? That I am being supported and loved in the most profound way?

NO! My Ego yells.

YES! My heart whispers.

You are loved. Spirit shows me.

Welcoming, receiving, allowing, surrendering, trusting, faith.

All that is not in alignment, is going because it can’t stay here in this frequency, this upgrade, this transformation.

There is newness, fresh energy, excitement, mystery and amazing.

All is well.

This is for my highest good.

Sitting in the void isn’t so scary when you realise the void is love and you have the power to choose.

I have been loved all along.

I am love.

I am.

I wrote this during my journal writing and thought that it may help someone who was feeling a little lost.

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