What is my purpose?

I have heard this a lot over the years, but more so recently. “What is my purpose”!

As old ways of thinking and doing are no longer working, more people are asking what is their role, their purpose, in this new emerging world.

This question often has stress and shame associated with it because people don’t know what they should be doing and they are uncomfortable in that perception of not knowing.

We feel guilty or shameful that we don’t know or we are not doing enough (hello childhood programming), which keeps us in our ego self, limited and powerless.

The thinking of purpose is found only in your doing, in the job you have, and causes separation from your true self, your power and potential.

What if we looked at purpose in a different way?

What if your purpose is to turn within?

What if your purpose is to know yourself deeper?

What if your purpose is to witness all aspects of yourself, experiencing all the emotions and being fully human, the messy and the amazing and everything in between?

What if your purpose is to experience things that increase your wisdom, your consciousness, your frequency and your vibration?

What if your purpose is to fall so deeply in love with yourself that that energy flows into the world?

Your purpose is to be you.

In your body, your characteristic, gifts, learnings and experiences, values and what you are drawn to that you have chosen in this lifetime.

A woman raising children and running their household is just as purposeful as a woman being a lawyer, teacher or running their own business.

You don’t necessarily have to do one job and one job only to have a purpose.

You are a constantly evolving being, with infinite possibilities.

You do not need to limit yourself, stay in crappy jobs that you hate, or stop your dreams because this hangs up on being on “purpose”.

It is another way that the ego uses to beat yourself up over, keeping the little dude in control.

When women are in flow, using and trusting their inner guidance and intuition, expressing themselves, being who they are, doing things that they love, and loving themselves and others,  then they are realising their purpose.

Your purpose is to be the most conscious human being that you can be.

Your purpose is to learn and grow and experience life through your unique energy codes in your human expression.

So What Is My Purpose? Your purpose is to be the magnificent being that you are.

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What is my purpose

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