As we head into Winter here in Melbourne, I was reminded today about cycles.

Now there are obvious cycles that we can all see or know about, like the changes of the season (especially here in Melbourne), day and night, the moon becoming full and cycling into new and of course women’s menstrual cycles.

We also have cycles during the day where we are more energised and have less energy, where we are more receptive to learning something new and doing exercise.

During the month we have highs and lows.

Our moods often follow a cycle of feeling good and sociable (or creative, energised, inspired, productive etc) and then we have lows where we don’t want to do much, maybe are a bit grumpy, quiet, self-reflective or needing to be more internal and quiet.

Often when we are in those down cycles or moods we hate that time and feeling, because society has said that to be worthy and of value we are meant to be busy and productive all the time.


What if instead of judging it, we allowed it?

Rather than resisting it, we stepped into it.

What if those down times, the winter period, the need to go internal is a great thing and is there to support us?

We are not meant to be on the go, be productive, on the high cycle all the time.

This is when people experience burn out, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm and stress.

We need the down time for recovery, to find balance and our centre, to give the body time to get the adrenaline and stress hormones out of our bodies. This can also be a time of thinking, self-reflection and percolating new ideas, of accessing our inner wisdom to then be ready to take the steps of action on the up cycle.

Even in the depths of winter or that dark night of the soul or feeling alone, it will not last forever.

Like all things in nature, nothing stays the same and there is always change, a death and rebirth.

Rather than resisting it, it is time to allow it and work with it.

These last few weeks have been challenging for many. I see you and honour you. If you need help reach out.

Honour your natural cycles within you. Accept it and use it to your advantage. Winter is just as important as Summer.

Always remember that you truly are magnificent.

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