Channelled Energy

Channelled Energy: I love journaling and often my journal practice turns into channelled information. I love it and when I read back, my writing is different and often I have no idea what I have written about until I go back and read it.

I don’t always share what comes through, as it is often personal to me, but my latest writing, I have been guided to share. It does jump around a bit, and there was so much information coming through I am sure that I have missed some, but I wanted to share it how it came through on the page.

All’s well.

It may seem like the dark has won or is winning but this is not truth. The dark in each and every one of you is being shaken up, but this is to see what has been hidden. The aspect of us that we do not like, that cause us shame is the stuff being played out in the world.  This is causing more and more to awaken, heal and say No.


Such a simple word but one that holds such power. It is changing timelines, changing lives, opening portals of creativity to create the new, while shutting down the dark and closing doors that should be closed. While many have run back into what they know, what is easy, this will not be possible for much longer, as the discomfort of unhealed aspects will become too much, as those timelines collapse, never to be active again. There is many who have stopped already and want another way, who are now seeking help and guides. Many more who are actively creating the new and showing the way. This has come from No and choosing another way.

You are in a time of great change, but also a time of stopping and stripping back and refusing what harms you, as you reconnect, reattach to your power and realise and embody how truly powerful and loving you are.

No longer accepting laws that go against natural and universal laws. Knowing that your power can create universes, knowing that you can be the source of your suffering or your evolution and choosing another way. Choosing yourself first and stopping out sourcing your power and life force to other people who are not capable to weld it.

Your responsibility, your purpose is to be you. Stop worrying if you are liked. If you don’t like yourself, then why should other people? Rather than filtering yourself, changing yourself to fit in, decide to like who you are and watch your connections deepen, your self-confidence improve and your self-esteem solidifies. You become free and can no longer be manipulated.  While yes you may lose people in your life, if you have to change for them to stay, go against yourself, then do they belong in your life?

This time of self-betrayal is over.

The time to lessen yourself is over, and the time to be visible, shining your light and uniting with your fellow human beings in community with love is here.

The golden age of Aquarius is here, but you are taking baby steps into this era, so be kind while you unwind the previous programing and the new really takes form.  You are exactly where you are meant to be and nobody outside of yourself is stopping this from manifesting.

You are love and you are loved.

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