There is much emphasis on food and nutrition, and rightly so, but there is a huge component of health and well-being that also has a huge impact. This component?

Our minds.

Our mindset.

Our beliefs.

Our thoughts.

Putting it simply if your beliefs and thoughts are crap, then your wellbeing and life usually are too.

You see our body is constantly listening. What your dominate thoughts and beliefs are, what you feed your subconscious, is your truth.

My Life is crap. True.

Life is hard. True.

I am not worthy. True.

As well as positive like.

I am good enough. True.

I am smart. True.

Money comes to me easily. True.

So how does our beliefs and thoughts affect us?

The ruler of the body is the subconscious mind. It is in charge of all the automatic functions of the body.  Digestion, your heat beating, your breathing, circulation of your blood, the making of hormones, assimilation, elimination of waste products and so much more.  It holds and stores memories, emotions and trauma. It is in charge of our instincts and our habits. It has resources at its disposal to keep us alive, to build and repair our bodies. It is attached to the universal mind or quantum field and has infinite possibilities and power at its disposal.  It works whether we are asleep or awake.

The subconscious mind does not think.

It does not judge.

It does not reject.

It uses exactly what it is given by the conscious mind.

The ruler of the sub conscious mind is the conscious mind. The two are constantly talking and responding to each other.  

Our conscious mind perceives, reasons, chooses, rejects and judges. It gives us the power to think, to know, to feel.  It gathers information from our external environment, as well as from our bodies and our subconscious mind, from our senses and we use our reasoning power to make sense of it, to judge, reject or accept.

If we accept a thought, idea or belief, then it is carried to the subconscious mind to be acted on.

It doesn’t matter if that thought, idea or belief is positive or negative, if the conscious mind accepts it, then it goes into the subconscious.

A lot of these beliefs and patterns and thoughts we learnt, constructed, inherited, witnessed or experienced are from childhood, so we often have no idea what they are or you may be fully aware of them.

An example of this is when you were at school, a teacher made a comment or laughed at your art work not being very good.  You created this belief that you suck at art.  So this belief your conscious mind has chosen to accept goes through to the sub conscious. All the thoughts in your head are about how bad you are at art, how people laugh at you if you create anything, so you believe that you’re not creative.  Then as an adult you want to try some new creative pursuits, but the thoughts in your head are saying you are not creative, because the pattern in your body is that when you try to be creative you have a fear reaction due to what you experienced as a kid with emotions like shame, humiliation, frustration etc thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t feel good. So you stop or never try to be creative.

If you are constantly telling yourself that you can’t do something, or you are always sick, or you are unlucky in love or whatever else you tell yourself, guess what?  You are right and you will go looking for validation of that belief, because the body is always listening.

The good news is we can change patterns, ideas and thoughts, therefore changing the subconscious too.

It starts with awareness.

What are you saying to yourself?

What do you believe?

What do you often say?

What stories do you tell?

It starts with changing our thoughts and perceptions.

It starts with challenging all your beliefs and thoughts.

You are not your thoughts.

You can change your beliefs.

This work is powerful and empowering.

I love helping people shift out of their crap, and showing them where their power lies.

When we start to address, challenge and change our perceptions, life also starts to change.  When we become aware of our beliefs, stop believing our thoughts, get help (because it is so much easier for someone to help us in this work) life becomes so much easier.

Because you are worthy of being happy, but you have to choose it.

You have to make the steps to change. Click on the book now button to start to thrive in your life.

This work has changed my life, so I know how powerful it is.

You truly are magnificent.

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